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A.G. Campbell Advisory, LLC was founded by Alexander “Zandy” Campbell and Mark Scott to be a trusted financial fiduciary for its clients. As a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA), A.G. Campbell Advisory believes in giving our clients the most prudent advice based on each individual’s unique situation. A.G. Campbell Advisory was created to be a truly independent firm that puts the interests of our clients before our own. Our firm’s philosophy is, “investment management like it’s our own money.” A.G. Campbell will never recommend a client to invest his or her money in a fund or investment in which we would not invest our own capital.

A.G. Campbell Advisory was formed on the principles of the firm’s namesake, Zandy’s father, Alex G. Campbell, Jr. Mr. Campbell has acted as a fiduciary for much of his life, and the company has incorporated his values and beliefs into our investment philosophy. Our firm has also adopted the historic Campbell family badge as the firm’s logo. Its inscription reads, Ne Obliviscaris, which means “Lest we forget.” This motto mandates that we never forget that our clients are the sole focus of every decision made. These values that we practice can be traced back to roots in Strone, Southend, and Argyll Scotland nearly 200 years ago. A.G. Campbell Advisory is often chosen over other RIA firms because of its absolute transparency and high ethical standards. This ethos is evident in every aspect of our firm. We find satisfaction in helping our clients lead happy and secure lives.

A.G. Campbell Advisory, LLC works with a select number of families and institutions across the United States. The firm is compensated through fees charged as a percentage of assets under management. This form of compensation makes absolutely certain that our firm’s interests are always aligned with the interests our clients. If the boutique advisory services of A.G. Campbell Advisory sound right for you, please give us a call; we look forward to earning your trust!

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