Who We Are

A.G. Campbell Advisory, LLC, is an independent and non-custodial financial fiduciary which was founded in 2012 by chairmen Alexander “Zandy” Campbell and Mark Scott in order to protect, preserve and grow the wealth of their clients.

A.G. Campbell Advisory views the traditional and ethical values of honesty, loyalty, and transparency as the core of its business structure.

We believe that the money invested by our clientele is the most sacred trust that exists in today’s world, and we strive to reward that trust, little by little, each and every day through the respective processes of market analysis and value investing.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, and a wealth of professional connections and qualifications, A.G. Campbell seeks to be a safe place for its clientele, and an ever-present servant towards the end goal of successful wealth management.

Our Philosophy AGC staff make the same investments that they encourage clients to make, and are always willing to prove that.

...We eat our own cooking

Our Values

  • We value the trust placed in us to handle clients’ funds. We treat every clients’ investments as if their physical lives depended on it.
  • We value timeless ethics like honor and integrity. If we give a client our word, or make a promise, we will keep it. We don't employ those who might lead clients astray, or offer what is convenient over what is true.
  • We value 100% transparency in all things. We never want a client to feel uninformed or intentionally misdirected. We reveal every level of our process to the client. This disclosure includes fees, risks, and any other matter that is important with regards to responsible asset management. 
  • We value the concept commonly referred to as "Eating Our Own Cooking." We place our own money right beside our clients’ investments.
  • We value opportunity. When truly great companies or investments are selling well below their true value due to events beyond the scope of normal circumstances, we often buy. These rare moments allow us to have the courage of our convictions and obtain assets that become big winners for our clients. Value investing across all asset classes is our answer to a solid investment philosophy coupled with an asset allocation policy. We do not allocate assets based on market capitalization or the geography of the company.
The man who won’t bend over to pick up a nickel will never know how to pick up a dollar.
— Alex Campbell Jr.

Our Staff

Alexander "Zandy" Campbell

Zandy Campbell was born on July 29th, 1961 in Lexington Kentucky. He attended private high school at Woodberry Forest, prior to pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Washington and Lee and Transylvania Universities, respectively. After graduating from Transylvania in 1984, Zandy decided that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, Alexander G. Campbell II, who is well-known for his investment strategies and reputable for his wisdom in the arena of financial advising. Zandy began his career as a financial advisor by taking the role of a registered broker at Alex Brown and Sons, Inc. for the better part of 15 years (1985-1999). It was here that he met founding partner Mark Scott, and after several mergers with other corporate firms, Zandy asked for Mark’s help in building a better, more client-oriented firm that he knew his father would be proud to call his own. 

Zandy Campbell Also Holds the Following Positions and Qualifications:

  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Licensed FINRA Advisor
  • Licensed Commodities Trading Advisor
  • Board of Directors; The Family Tree - Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Board of Trustees; Living Classrooms Foundation
  • Vestry Member; St. Thomas Church
  • President; Mansion House Association (Naples, FL)
  • Life Member; Triangle Community Foundation
  • Member; Todds’ Road Stumblers
  • Member; Keeneland Clubhouse 
  • Alumni Member; University of Kentucky Fellowship Society



Mark D. Scott, Sr. began his career as a records retention clerk in the General Services department of Alex Brown & Sons in 1984. From there, Mark went on to join the Operations Division of Alex Brown & Sons, and served as a Senior Margin Associate as well as a Supervisor of cashiering and clearing operations. It was at Alex Brown & Sons that Mark joined Zandy Campbell as a Senior Registered Sales Associate. While in this role, Mark worked with Zandy on all client service, trading, and operational issues, and obtained the necessary education and training to become a licensed 

 After leaving Alex. Brown & Sons in 1999, Mark and Zandy joined Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and were able to transition their business from a traditional brokerage business to an advisory business. In 2003, along with Zandy, Mark joined Brown Advisory Securities as an Assistant Vice President. After six years with Brown Advisory, Mark and Zandy opened a Baltimore office for an independent Registered Investment Advisor, before becoming totally independent with the inception of A.G. Campbell Advisory, LLC. in 2012.

From his many years of experience in both the operational and client-focused sides of the investment business, Mark has gained an unparalleled knowledge of investment operations and customer service needs. This experience, along with Mark’s unflappable demeanor, allows A.G. Campbell Advisory to deliver on its promise of exceptional customer service. 

Mark Scott Also Holds the Following Positions and Qualifications:

  • Registered Investment Advisor