What We Do

A.G. Campbell works with each client on an individual basis to develop an integrated investment and financial plan. We employ a methodical approach that is process driven. We strive to empower our clients with more and better information. The ultimate goal is to help our clients truly understand their entire financial picture.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a term that is often overused in reference to many things. The concept generally means ‘to budget for longevity’. A.G. Campbell Advisory uses the term in reference to lifestyle planning for both today and tomorrow. Our success in this area is characterized by our clients’ ability to sleep soundly each night. We achieve this financial serenity through the implementation of the following processes:

  • Determining Risk Tolerances with regard to the client's comfort zone.
  • Tracking all the potential variables that might cause clients to lose sight of their goals.
  • Teaching clients about how A.G. Campbell navigates the roller coaster of the stock market.
  • Protecting clients from themselves, rogue opportunists, and dilettantes in the industry.
  • Listening carefully to the clients’ goals, and guiding the clients to a place where they are able meet those goals.   

Investment Management

We are not looking for the next “hot” stock or quick trade. We consider ourselves true investors, and we employ a “value” strategy.

 The greatest returns in the market are achieved when one takes advantage of the asymmetry between real and perceived value. The seizure of this moment in time is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. If the investment does not meet the scrutiny of the client's risk tolerance on its' own merits, it is not worth the purchase. We illustrate this focused approach and lucidity throughout our entire firm and client experience. Our clients take comfort in having their assets held at one of the World's argest custodians: Charles Schwab Institutional. They understand that A.G.Campbell's role is purely advisory. We cannot and will not, under any circumstances, take possession of a client's assets. This safeguard ensures that clients of A.G. Campbell will never have to worry about the "whereabouts" of their money. Finally, we deliver monthly 
statements and quarterly investment reports that keep a client's vision in perspective and provide accountability at all times.

  • As a Non-Custodial Investment Advisory, A.G. Campbell Advisory, LLC. does not take possession of the clients’ assets. We trust Charles Schwab Institutional, one of the world’s largest custodians of securities, to securely hold the clients’ assets. Schwab’s role is to protect the client, and the client’s interests, above all else.

  • We help the clients track the ups and downs of their current investments, and assist clients in making decisions about future investments.

  • We deliver quarterly updates to our clients regarding the status of their investments and our projections for the future of those investments.


Interested In Working With Us?

If you believe that this sounds too good to be true, give us a call. We regularly review clients’ statements, fees, goals, and past circumstances, and simply make suggestions based on those insights.

Furthermore, within 24 hours of meeting, we can give you a very accurate idea of what this type of account with our firm will cost to manage. If we cannot completely improve your situation, we will be honest with you.

Part of our success is due to the fact that we have fewer clients than a traditional financial services firm. We strive to get to know our clients very well, and our firm has been strategically designed to allow us to provide a high level of service. Therefore, we only cultivate relationships with clients that we know we can support to everyone’s satisfaction.