Our Services

At A.G. Campbell  as part of our financial planning services we work with each of our client’s to develop custom, integrated investment and financial planning strategies.  Our process involves gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ financial picture to address Education, Investment, Retirement, Income tax, Insurance and Estate planning needs. We also help families navigate the transfer of wealth to next generations, in addition to providing traditional Family Office services. Finally, we work in close connection with our client’s other trusted advisors and we adopt a team approach to problem solving.

Investment Management

We believe that superior investing is the cornerstone of any great planning strategy.  We are not seeking the next “hot dot” or stock, and rather consider ourselves true Investors versus Traders.  We employ a “value” strategy to select investments that we think are temporarily out of favor with strong upside potential.  The greatest returns in the market are achieved when one takes advantage of the asymmetry between real and perceived values.  The seizure of this moment in time is what separates amateur investors from the professionals.  Finally, we only consider investments that are consistent with our clients risk tolerance, liquidity needs and time horizon.

Financial Planning

We use our decades of industry experience to advise our clients in all areas of the financial planning process.  We seek to understand all facets of our clients’ lives to properly guide them in their overall investment planning. We do so by applying the following process:

  • Complete review of client goals and objectives
  • If not yet available, development of a net worth statement and cash flow summary
  • Review of investment holdings
  • Development of an investment strategy
  • Analysis of insurance holdings (life, long term care, disability)
  • Overall risk management analysis and strategies
  • Review of trust and other estate planning documents in coordination with tax and legal professionals

Family Office Services

AG Campbell offers Family Office services which may include Investment Management & Oversight, Integrated Financial Planning, Risk Management and Liquidity Planning.  Additionally, AG Campbell can provide guidance on Family Governance, Education, Succession Planning, and Philanthropic Advisory.  The Firm also provides administrative services such as bill payment, concierge services and the collection of information for all family advisors: tax, legal, insurance, banking and others.

Security of Client Assets

AG Campbell maintains a custody and clearing agreement with Charles Schwab (“Charles Schwab”) Advisor Services.  Client assets are custodied with Charles Schwab and are not held by AG Campbell.  Charles Schwab is a premier U.S. custody and clearing firm with assets under management of $4 trillion, as of December 31, 2019.  Schwab is committed to staying financially strong, and the business is run with a sound capital structure , a disciplined focus on risk management and a diversified investment portfolio.