Our History

Many Scottish Clans of the Highlands adopted a family badge. This badge image serves as the logo of A.G. Campbell Advisory and traces its’ roots back to the 17th Century. The Latin motto, “Ne Obliviscaris” was a War Cry and literally meant “Forget Not.”  Today,  A.G. Campbell Advisory uses that same logo and motto to mean “Never Forget The Client.”

The Campbells first came to the shores of North America in 1735, and today A.G. Campbell, LLC is managed by the 13th Alexander “Zandy” Campbell.  The Company is named after Zandy’s father Alex. G. Campbell, Jr., who is a great investor and values integrity above everything else.  Mr. Campbell also believes in the strategies associated with value investing and he has made his livelihood doing just that. Zandy has used his father’s insights to build a firm that would be a lasting homage to Mr. Campbell and investors everywhere.