Family Office Services

A.G. Campbell Advisory supports the unique needs of wealthy families through its Family Office services offering.  This includes Investment Management & Oversight, Insurance and Estate Planning, Finance & Accounting and Project Management.  Additionally, A.G. Campbell Advisory can provide guidance on Family Governance, Succession Planning, Philanthropic Advisory and Advisory Collaboration.

Our service to Family Offices is built on understanding the unique needs of wealthy families. Families depend on us to provide any or all of the following services:

Investment Management & Oversight

We have decades of experience in helping our clients’ grow and preserve their wealth. 

Insurance & Estate Planning

Protecting what you’ve earned is what we do.

Finance and Accounting

Leave your bill paying and bookkeeping to us. 

Project Management

Whether it’s finding the best doctors, securing referrals for home contracting, or arranging grocery delivery for your vacation home, it’s all part of what we do. 

Philanthropic Advisory

Helping families identify and execute on their Giving Strategy.

Family Governance

In addition to facilitating family communication, we educate and encourage the next generation to participate in the family legacy.

Succession Planning

Is the family and the family business adequately prepared to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation?

Advisory Collaboration

We provide an easy single point of contact for organizing all your advisor tasks.

Why A.G. Campbell Advisory? 

Founded in 2012 by veteran industry professionals Alexander “Zandy” Campbell and Mark Scott, A.G. Campbell Advisory was created to provide a level of personalized service generally unavailable within a large financial institution. Our mission is to provide independent agnostic advice to our clients, and to act as a steward of their financial resources.  Remaining independent allows us to focus primarily on our fiduciary duty, where we place our clients’ interests ahead of our own, and it neutralizes the conflicts of interest inherent in larger institutions.