Market Commentary

Quarterly Q4 2021 Client Commentary

Q4 2021 Client Commentary Well, I never would’ve figured this one out. October started with the prospect of spooky ghouls, negative sentiment, and the headwinds of inflation and more partisan fighting. We then went on to be thankful that the month of November ended...

Q3 2021: Markets Are Spooked

Everything was really feeling like the time of “Summer Lovin’,” and then China began the disruption of U.S. and global markets. They are not totally responsible, but they certainly were the catalyst. Basically, in September, there were 4 or 5 events that occurred that set us on a “correction.” First, as mentioned, the China Evergrande, the biggest real estate developer in China, burns a lot of cash as they develop properties. During this month, Evergrande reached their limit.

Q4 2020: What’s Good is Bad, What’s Up is Down

A friend of mine used this expression in a conversation with me yesterday, and I realized it captured a lot about 2020. It not only correctly characterizes the sentiments behind the locomotion of 2020’s stock market volatility, but also it identifies the country’s political climate of this past year.

Q2 2020: Not Out of the Woods Yet

Before we delve into the 2nd Quarter review, we are pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our practice to include Betsy Brennen, CFP®. Betsy is a former colleague from Alex. Brown & Sons, and she has been a good friend to A.G. Campbell Advisory for many years.

Q1 2020: The New Normal

Turn off the television. Check in less often. We are minding the store, and no one has ever made any money by taking drastic action in these crises. Most of our clients have 3 to 5 years before they need every penny of savings. The financial markets should be well on the way to recovery by this time.